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Sign up for Spatial Backstage Pass

Spatial is totally free for creators.
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Install Spatial Studio

Spatial Studio is our creative tool for making and editing Spatial scenes. Sign in and head to Resources



Download a free scene in Spatial Studio

Several free scenes are already in your account - download them from the Scene Manager within Studio and have fun








Create a new scene file

Create new scenes under File > New. These can be saved locally on your Mac for quick editing and preview



Add a few sound files

Add new Objects under Edit > New Object. From there you an add sound to your objects by right clicking the object and choosing Add Audio > As Object



Imagination: run wild

Learn about motion points, paths and more to Spatialize your space here









Get the Mac that will run your Space(s)

Spatial Reality runs on a separate Mac from Spatial Studio




Add audio channels

Spatial supports direct-attached and networked speakers. See this article for help




Set up Spatial Reality

Download and install Spatial Reality on the dedicated Mac. See this article for help







Name your Scene and add an image

Images are not mandatory, but definitely cooler



Publish your Scene to Spatial Central

We'll host all your Scenes in the cloud, so you can play them anywhere



Add your Scene to a Space

Fully Spatialized playback in your creative space is still completely free with Backstage Pass




Publish the Scene to your client's commercial Spatial account

Client's can invite you for free



Add the Scene to their Space(s)

We'll host all your Scenes in the cloud, so you can play them anywhere



Blow them away and make a business out of it

You choose how you want to be rewarded for your creativity

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