Understanding the Publishing Process


Procuring the Client’s Spacemap

To create a Space for a client, you’ll typically want to have a Spacemap of the Space you're developing for. To acquire the client’s Spacemap, they’ll need to provide you with access to it via Spatial’s cloud. The client can use the Spatial Control app to make you  a Creator for that Space, which will give you access to that Spacemap. To make you a Creator, all they need is the email address that you’ve associated with Spatial. If you are working in an account without access to a real Space, it is encouraged to create your own using our tools.


NOTE: If you don’t already have a Spatial account, a client can invite you to be a creator and use a non-registered email that will include a link to create a Spatial account. 


Understanding the Scene Manager

As you now understand, the Spatial cloud sits in between you and your client. You obtain their Spacemap via the cloud, the Scene you ultimately create for them is delivered via the Cloud. Your view into the Spatial Cloud is the Scene Manager, which is accessed from within Spatial Studio. 

  1. In the main menu choose Scene > Scene Manager


    A window appears that has two columns that you’ll explore shortly. Your window likely has no Sites or Spaces so you can follow along with the graphics here.

Left Column (Library)

In the Scene manager’s left column you see a list of any Scenes that are available to you. This includes Scenes that have either been created and published by you, or created by someone else and made available to a space that you manage. Scenes created locally within Spatial Studio, but have not yet been published do not appear. You’ll learn how to publish a Scene later in this lesson.

Sites & Spaces Column

In the right column you see Sites that have at least one Space that you have access to. You’ve either created that Space or someone has given you access to their space. For example a client that has asked you to design a Scene for their space can add you as a creator from their Spatial Control app. All they need is your email address that’s associated with your Spatial account, which is listed at the bottom of the Scene manager.



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