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Spatial Control is Spatial’s management tool for updating your account information, creating and editing Sites and Spaces, and uploading new Spacemaps for existing Spaces.

These details can be accessed through MenuManage.




Managing your Spatial Account Details

Navigate to MenuManage to manage account details like:

  • Account Details
    Edit the name of your Spatial account. 
  • Account Permissions
    See your current role within a Spatial account. If you are not the owner of the account, you can choose to Leave the Spatial account from here. 
  • Account Sites
    A list of the Sites associated with a Spatial account. You can edit and create Sites from here. 




Editing and Creating Sites

You can see a list of Sites within a Spatial account by navigating to Menu → Manage → Account Sites. From here, you can create new Sites, and edit existing Sites. 

  • Create Site
    Add a new Site to a Spatial account by tapping Create new Site (depending on your access set by the admin)
  • Manage Site
    Tap an existing Site to edit the details




Navigate to an existing Site through Menu → Manage → Account Sites → (Select a Site) to edit any Site details like:

  • Site Details
    • Edit the name of a Site. 
    • Delete a Site
      (Note: Deleting a Site is a very destructive process and removes any computer groups, Spaces, Spacemaps, and other metadata associated with this Site. We recommend contacting support if you need help deleting a Site.)
  • Site Spaces
    A list of the Spaces associated with this Site. You can edit and create Spaces from here. 



Restarting Spatial Reality Engine

You can restart Spatial Reality engine on your computer groups by tapping Restart Spatial Reality. This will interrupt Scene playback in your Spaces. This should be done if you are having trouble connecting to your deployment or your scene is not playing.




Editing and Creating Spaces

You can see a list of Spaces within a Site by navigating to Menu → Manage → Account Sites → (Select a Site) → Site Spaces




  • Create Space
    See this article on how to create your Space
  • Manage Space
    Tap an existing Space to edit the details
    • Space Details
      • Edit Space Name
      • Advanced Space Settings
        • Bass Management: Crossover for this Space is managed automatically by Spatial. Disable this setting if you configure bass management and crossover manually.
          • This feature is available with Spatial Control app 1.21.0 or later
      • Edit Spacemap
        • Tap Edit Spacemap to add new channels, remove speakers, or edit the details of existing speaker (including the speaker name, position, speaker type, and acoustic calibration settings).
        • Tap Import new Spacemap if you have an updated Spacemap file
      • Lock Space
      • Delete Space



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