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You can manage Scene playback in a Space from the Now Playing screen. You can navigate here by tapping a Space from the Spaces view.




The card on the bottom gives you controls to:

  • Browse for and play Scenes by tapping Scenes.
  • View and trigger Scene Events for the currently loaded Scene by tapping Events.
  • View the Scene metadata for the currently loaded Scene by tapping Info. 


Browsing for and playing Scenes in a Space

Tap Scenes in the bottom card to show a list of Scenes that have already been added to Space. 

  • Tap any Scene in the list to load and play it in the Space. 
  • To only load a Scene and not initiate playback, for any given Scene tap ••• → Load
  • To remove a Scene from a Space, for any given Scene tap ••• → Remove from [Space]



Account and Shared Scenes

Tap Browse Scene Library to browse for a full list of Scenes and add them to your Space. You can browse through two sections for a list of available Scenes:

  1. Account — a list of Scenes that are available for your specific Spatial account.
  2. Shared — a list of Spatial Shared Scenes that are available to everyone. 



To add a Scene to a Space: 

  1. Tap the Scene tile
  2. Tap Add Scene to Space
  3. The Scene will be added to the Space. 

Note: A Scene has already been added to the Space if there is a checkmark in the top right corner of a Scene tile.

Triggering Events

Tap Events in the bottom card to display any available Input Events for the currently loaded Scene. Tap the Event name to trigger a behavior within the Scene.

To learn more about Events, check out Spatial Studio > Input Events.

View Scene Information

Tap Info in the bottom card to display more information about the currently loaded Scene like the Scene name, description, and notes.




Lock/Unlock a Space

To lock or unlock a Space, tap the ellipses in the top right corner of the Now Playing view.

If a Space is locked, the status of the Space is indicated with a lock icon on the Now Playing screen. Locking a Space disables playback control like playing/stopping a Scene, changing the volume, and changing the currently loaded Scene. 

Note: When clicking "Play All Spaces" or "Stop All Spaces" your locked spaces will not be affected.


Refer to User Roles and Permissions to see what types of users have the permissions to lock/unlock a Space.

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