You can control the playback of a Space from the Now Playing screen. You can navigate here by tapping a Space from the Spaces View.

  • You can select Scenes to play, or browse for new ones.
  • Trigger Scene events.
  • View the Scene info.


The Scenes menu displays Browse Scene Library and the list of Scenes currently available to play in the Space. Swipe up to scroll through the full list of Scenes. The Scene list is in alphabetical order.

To view all the Scenes published to your Account, tap Browse Scene Library

Browse Scene Library is the place where you can search for new Spatial Scene and add them to your Space.  This includes both curated Scenes created by Spatial and Scenes uploaded specifically to your account. 

A Scene is already available for the Space if a checkmark in the top right corner of a Scene tile appears. If a Scene is not yet available for your Space there is no checkmark. To add: 

  1. Tap the Scene tile
  2. Add Scene to Space appears 
  3. Tap to confirm. The newly added Scene will load to the Space.


The Events tab displays available manual triggers for the current Scene.

Only available Events by Scene will display in this view. If no Events are available, the list will not display anything. 

Tap the Event name to trigger a behavior within the Scene.

To learn more about Events, check out Spatial Studio > Input Events.

Scene Information

Info in the bottom navigation displays the Scene name, description, and the Scene notes


Locking and Unlocking a Space - To lock or unlock a Space, tap the ellipses in the top right corner of the Now Playing view. Tap Lock Space to disable the ability to change the Scene or control the volume. Unauthorized members can only view select Scene information. A lock icon appears in the Now Playing view of locked Scenes. To unlock the Space, tap the ellipses and tap Unlock Space or tap the lock icon.

Note: A user is only able to perform actions like play, pause, change Scene, control playback volume and trigger events when the user is able to communicate with a Space over the local network and have proper account permissions

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