User Roles and Permissions

Spatial uses role-based access controls to define a user's capabilities when interacting with Spatial Reality. Each Spatial user is assigned one or more roles when they are given access to a Spatial account. Every Spatial account has an owner. In the table below, assume that the account owner has all the capabilities of an administrator.


Here's a full list of allowed actions based on the user role:

1. Spatial Control

2. Spatial Studio


Spatial Control



Admin Limited


Controller Limited



 Invite member


 Remove member


 Cancel pending invite


 Edit member permission level


 View member list


 Edit account name


 Leave account

      ✅  **

 Add Site


 Edit Site name


 Remove Site


 Add Space


 Remove Space


 Edit Space name


 Edit space map

    ✅  *

   ✅  *


 Lock/Unlock Space


 Computer groups

 Remove computer

    ✅  *


 Restart computer group



 Add Scene to Space


 Remove Scene from Space


 Remove Scene from account


 Playback from Control***

 Start/stop all Spaces

 Start/stop Scene

 Load Scene

 Change volume


 Change Scene

 Trigger events

 View Scene info


*      Requires a computer group restart

**    An admin can leave an account only if the admin is not the owner of the account. 

***  Depends on Space lock status


Spatial Studio



Admin Limited


Controller Limited









 Manage I/O Maps


Retrieve List of all Deployments on an Account

Retrieve List of all Sites & Spaces associated with a Deployment

Connect to Sites and Spaces associated with an Account




 User Management

 Modify User Roles


 Invite Users to an Account




 Play Scenes


 Adjust Scene Volume


 Lock/ Unlock a Space


 Scene Management

 Manage Scenes in a Space




Monitor Scene Upload Progress


 Upload Scene to an Account


Activate a Desired Scene Version



 Download a Scene Version

 Add a Scene to a Space



 Delete Scenes from a Space




Delete Scenes from an Account




Delete Inactive Scene Version




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