Navigate to the People screen to view a list of the members that belong to a Spatial account, or to invite a new member

You can view all of the details for each member including their email, their assigned role in the account and their name if they have set it. If you are an admin of the Spatial account — you may also invite new members to the account, and see a list of any pending invites.




Inviting a new member to an account:

  1. Tap Invite to [account] at the top of the People screen.
  2. Type in an email address and select the desired role(s).
  3. Tap Send.
  4. The new member will receive an email invite and must accept the invite to confirm their membership.

Note: If an invite is pending you can still update the role or cancel the invite. 


Editing roles and removing members:

  1. Tap a member
  2. Edit their role, or tap Remove person to remove them from the Spatial account.


Learn more about User Role and Permissions.


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