Working with Client Accounts


Placing a Scene on a Client System

Imagine a client has hired you to develop a Scene for them. You’ll want to know about their Space’s configuration, as you develop, you’ll need to get the Scene you create on their system, you’ll likely be asked for changes, so new versions will need to be managed. In the remaining exercises you’ll gain an understanding of how Spatial addresses these workflows. 

Obtaining a Client’s Spacemap

While it’s possible to develop a Scene without first having the client’s Spacemap, it’s much easier to develop using it, as it helps you understand the scale and dimensions of their environment. 

  1. Open the Space & Deployment window.


    On the left side you can see that you are loggedin to your user account. To the right you see an Account pulldown menu. This will allow you to select any other account that has given you access to their Spaces.

  2. In the Account Field choose an available account, or take note of where it would be.


    Now you are or would be referencing a client’s account. Any Sites or Spaces they’ve given you access to will now appear in the Site and Space pull down menu.

  3. In the Site and Space menus, choose any available Spacemap.


    You now see in the Selected Space area the details regarding that Space's Spacemap.



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