Saving and Collecting Assets

Save your Scene and Collect Assets


Now that we’ve added a number of new sound files, it’s good practice to gather all of your files together and save them with your Scene. This is done automatically by using the Consolidate Assets feature.

  1. At the top of your screen, click Scene from the toolbar and select Consolidate assets…

    This will open a finder window to choose the destination of your new Studio bundle.

  2. Click Save.

    Now all of your Scene’s assets will be saved into a new Studio Project file and consolidated within it. This is good practice before sharing Scene projects for others to work on. When you work through the next few lessons, this process can be repeated if necessary, but you should always make sure to work in the newest Scene Project file to ensure you’re updating the right Scene.

    Tip: This will create a duplicate Scene Project every time you do it. Once this is done, feel free to delete the old Scene Projects so you don’t get confused.

    Once you’re in the correct Scene file, you can avoid this step in the future by enabling an auto-consolidate preference.

  3. Open the Studio preferences panel.


  4. Enable “Consolidate Asset when saving Project”.


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