Understanding Impulse Types


Objects move over time, and at times need to maintain a given speed across Spaces. To allow for this, Spatial offers two different Impulse Types, Duration and Velocity. You’ve been using the Duration method up to this point, but now you’ll use a Velocity approach for setting how quickly the Sparrows moves along the Motion Path.

  1. With the Sparrows Object selected, set the Impulse Type to Velocity.


    You see that in the motion path list, the numbers in thesecond column remain the same, but instead of the values representing seconds of time, they now represent the velocity of the Object’s movement in meters per second. Because of this change in scale, you’ll see new Start values for each motion point.

  2. Play the Scene.


    The bird is moving much slower because of the change in scale. Many small birds fly between 5 and 10 meters per second over short distances. Knowing this, you can now indicate the specific speed you want the bird to fly at between each motion point.

    Set the bird’s flight speed so that it starts a bit slower when flying from the back of the space towards the front, and then speeds up as it flies from left to right across the front of the space.

  3. Set the value for the Velocity of the second point to 5 m/s and the third to 8 and play the Scene.


    Now you have a more realistic flight speed for the bird.



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