Spatial Headspace

With or without a Space, Spatial Headspace allows you to hear a stereo preview of Scenes you’re working on in Spatial Studio. Using advanced rendering techniques, Spatial Studio creates a faux three-dimensional reference of Scenes so that you can understand the basic aural experience in headphones or a stereo speaker setup. 


Because Spatial Scenes don’t have a specific listener position, Spatial Headspace introduced the ability to move the listener around the room to accurately represent how that part of the Scene would sound hitting your ears, in the given Space. This means the user is able to tap into Spaces, even offsite, and the rendering will be unique to that Space Map. Each speaker in the Space is considered as a sound emitter, and Spatial Studio analyzes these locations before creating the stereo mixdown. Therefore, depending on what Space you’re connected to, you can experience a reference preview for that Scene and Space combination. Want to hear your Scene elsewhere? Connect to another Space.


Using Spatial Headspace

4.00_Spatial_Headspace_DropDown.pngBy default, Spatial Headspace is on. Use the dropdown to change your preferences.


On/Off Slider Turn stereo monitoring on or off.

Spatial Headspace Choose the output device.

Spatial Headspace Preview Decide how the output is optimized, or turn off the Spatial renderer to simply output all sounds through L and R.

Volume Slider Decide the volume output of the preview, separate from Scene volume.

Select Select the Listener Object so you can easily move it around the room.

Reset Listener Object will be placed at the default position.

Audio Preferences


Accessed through Spatial Studio → Preferences, the audio panel provides further settings for Spatial Headspace. Here you’ll find the same settings from the menu bar dropdown, plus specific adjustable attributes that can be used to create the perfect listening experience.


Using Spatial Headspace with Local Mode

Local mode allows you to use Spatial Headspace to preview your Scene using a binaural rendering of the Scene in your chosen Space. There are default Spaces within Studio that you can use if you’d like to compare using a standardized grid or if you don’t have any Spaces in your account. 

Use your Space & Deployment Settings, accessible through the preferences window or by clicking the Space name and status in the top right corner of Studio, to choose between any available Space. With the checkbox by Local Mode active, Studio will bring up the Space in your Canvas without connecting to it (if applicable).


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