Shared Scenes

As part of your Account with Spatial, there are Scenes available for immediate playback known as Shared Scenes. In Control, these can be added using the Scene browser. Spatial Studio allows you to add or delete shared Scenes from Sites and Spaces using the Scene Manager and visiting the “From Spatial” tab. 




On top of making these Scenes available for playback, it is possible to download the Spatial Studio Project File and open it using Spatial Studio. This is a great way to get started with Scene manipulation using a pre-built file as a reference and toolkit for best practices.



To download a Scene, open its information panel by clicking the i icon next to its name.

If any edits are made to the Scene that you wish to make available in Control for playback, it can be published as a separate Scene using a new chosen name. Once published, the Project File will be available for download from your Account.

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