Spatial Account

A Spatial account is the primary resource associated with a Spatial user that connects you to your available Sites, Spaces and Scenes.

Account admins or owners have the ability to invite new users to Spatial and assign roles based on specified permissions. Users can belong to multiple accounts, however the roles can vary. 


There are five types of users within a Spatial account:


Admin roles have the highest level of access. 

Admin Limited 

The Admin Limited role is given to a manager with a narrower set of permissions. It allows a user to change and view important aspects of an Account, Site or Space, but does not give the user full access to account information and other potentially hard-to-recover features or information.

Controller A Controller is given access to an account for Scene selection, playback and locking.
Controller Limited The Controller Limited role is given to someone for access to an account solely for Scene playback, and can have additional limitations on playback, such as restricting volume changes and locking/unlocking of Spaces.

Creators have the ability to add and change Scenes associated with an account and the respective Spaces.


To see a full list of permissions based on roles — review User Roles and Permissions.

To invite a Spatial user to your Account check out Spatial Control > People.

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