Object Operations

Object operations are the object functions within the Scene overview. Right clicking within the Object list or directly on an Object will reveal the list of features. If you right-click on the Scene root Object, there is a consolidated list of features.


Undo [⌘Z ] Undo the previous command. Press Command-Z to Undo. You can undo multiple commands.

Redo [⇧⌘ Z] Redo reverses the undo command. You can press Shift-Command-Z to Redo. You can redo multiple commands.

Cut Cut the selected item and prepare for it to be pasted.

Copy Copy the selected item and prepare for it to be pasted.

Paste Paste a copied item.

Delete  Delete the selected item.

Delete Immediately Delete without a warning dialogue.

Select All Select all relevant items.

Duplicate Duplicate the selected item.

Solo Solo the selected Object. This does not affect published Scenes.

Mute Mute the selected Object.

Visual Solo  The selected Object (or Object Group) will be visible on the Canvas, where all other Objects will be hidden from view. This does not affect audio.

Visual Mute  Hide the selected Object or group from view.

New >  Select an Object or Soundset to add to the selected Object.

New > Add Object - Adds a child to the parent Object selected.

New > Add SoundSet - This feature attaches a Soundset to the selected Object to be used for importing an audio file.

New > Sibling Object Above - Adds an Object to the same level of hierarchy as the selected parent Object, placing it just above the selected Object in the Objects list.

New > Sibling Object Below - Adds an Object to the same level of hierarchy as the selected parent Object, placing it just below the selected Object in the Objects list. Nesting a new Object under the selected parent Object.

Add Audio > - Choose how to import audio. Learn more here.

Select Object >  Choose to select the Object’s parent or cycle through selected Objects.

Motion Path >  Choose how to add a new motion point. Learn more here.

Rename  Rename the selected item.

Group Objects  Group Objects and create a parent Object. Note that some timing properties can be affected.

Focus on Object  The Canvas will be set to focus on the selected Object.

Clear Object Color  Revert to the “inherited” state of Object color.

Select Listener  Select the listener Object for Spatial Headspace.

Start Dictation… To start dictating, press the function key twice or choose Start Dictation.

Emojis & Symbols [^⌘ Space ] Show the character viewer, from which you can choose emoji and other symbols.

Add Audio → As Objects...

This feature combines the functions of adding an Object and adding a soundset or an audio file to the soundset. When selected, a finder window will open and you can navigate to a desired folder to import an audio file. 

Tip: MacOs users can preview the file in the opened finder window. 

Once imported to the selected parent Object, a soundset will be attached and the audio file will be imported to the soundset. 

If you select multiple audio files, a unique Object - soundset combination will be created for each file.


Add Audio → As Soundsets...

Imports a selected audio file or multiple audio files and adds as a soundset to the selected Object. When selecting multiple audio files, a unique soundset is created for each selected file and nested as a list under the chosen Object.

Rename Object
The default name of each new Object is numerical. Selecting this feature allows you to change the name of the desired Object and must be done at each Object level. Please note that periods cannot be used and will automatically be replaced with an underscore. 

Removes the selected Object. If a parent Object is deleted, all children Objects will also be removed.


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