Scene Overview Summary

The scene overview is a hierarchy of Objects and input events within the Scene. The scene list includes Objects, tags, triggers and motion paths. It contains the order of Objects and respective soundsets creating the auditory Spatial experience of a Scene.

The scene overview is the left panel in Spatial Studio. There are two distinct list views: Objects list and Input Events list.

  1. Objects List
  2. Input Events List


Objects List

Objects are logical acoustic representations that control sound in Spatial. The Objects list organizes the hierarchy of Objects in the Scene. The sound Object hierarchy includes soundsets or a collection of sounds an Object uses for a given behavior relating to the parent, child and sibling of the respected Object. Soundsets are attached to Objects and hold audio files or other sound generators.

The “Scene” header is the default name of the Scene and can be changed using the Property Inspector. The Scene root is the overarching parent of all of the Objects and has the same editable properties as all other Objects. The Scene itself has additional editable parameters to characterize the Scene when shared or published.

The Objects list has action functions in the Objects toolbar:


 Plus [+] Selecting the plus symbol will add an Object to the object list without an associated sound file or soundset. Adding new Objects while highlighting or selecting an Object will insert the new Object as a child to the selected Object now known as the parent.
 Minus [-]

Selecting the minus symbol will remove the selected Object or the whole soundset depending on the hierarchy. 

 Headphones The headphones symbol acts as a preview solo function. When it is active, the icon is green. By selecting specific Objects with soloing enabled, only the selected Object and any of its children  Objects will playback sound thus muting all other Objects in the Scene. Soloing is considered a preview-only function and does not edit the actual Scene file. Soloing is only enabled while previewing within Spatial Studio.
 Speaker The speaker icon will mute an Object in a Scene. The mute function is not visible unless an Object is inactive or you hover over the volume meter. Muting an Object does not stop its playback; the Object is still rendering in the background. Unmuting an Object will start its playback from wherever it has already rendered. 

The "a"  indicates "active". By selecting the "a" it will change the Object from active to inactive. Active status is shown and changed using a slider viewable when hovering over the volume meter or when the Object is already inactive. If an Object is activated during playback it will begin playing from the beginning of its respective timeline.


Learn more about how to control Scene Properties, Object Properties and SoundSet Properties.


Input Events List

Input Events are a set of triggers which change, enable or disable and manipulate component parts of a scene. By selecting the Input Events tab, the toolbar functions will change. 


 Plus [+] Selecting the plus symbol will add an input event to the Scene. 
 Minus [-]

Selecting the minus symbol will remove the selected input event.


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