Publishing a Scene

In order for a scene to be available to play In Spatial Control, it must be published. 

Publish Scene

Click Scene > Publish Scene from the menu bar.

Scene Name
Name your Scene.

Provide a brief description of the Scene. This is displayed in the Spatial Control app and the Scene Manager.

Version Notes
Enter any scene related notes to define the specific version. These will be available for shared account users to view and are viewable by anyone on the account.

Scene Image
Upload an image to be displayed with the Scene in the Spatial Control App. Uploaded images can not be larger than 10MB. The recommended image size is 1024 x 1024.

Click Publish as a new Scene if this is a new composition. Select Publish Version if this is an update to a currently published Scene.



Note: The maximum file size of a published Scene is 800MB. Published Scenes are compressed files that use the .tar.gz file format. The Scene file, image assets, all audio files and lua scripts are consolidated and compressed when published to the Spatial servers.


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