Alerts Monitoring

The Alerts Window is located in the menu Window > Alerts Window.

Alerts are a list of recent processes that are monitored by Spatial Studio to report how the app tasks are functioning.

For example, when creating a Scene Package, if the Scene uploads properly there will be two alerts:

  • The first alert is a pop-up window, displaying the message, in this case "Scene Package Creation Successful”. The pop-up window must be dismissed before continuing.
  • Second, the alert is stored in the Alerts Window and can be reviewed during your session.

Alerts are classified into three categories by color.

Green alerts are successful termination of processes. 

Orange alerts indicate there is an issue but the user may be able to proceed.

Red are warning alerts. Warning alerts will provide a suggested course of action.

Note: You can mark an alert as “read” and send it to the past alerts section. To do so, hover over the alert and select “Mark as Read”. To move an alert back up from the past alerts section, follow the same process to select “Mark as Unread”.


To help us solve any support issues, including alerts or logs is always appreciated. 

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