Using the Canvas

Use the canvas to view or reposition Objects.  

  1. Object Manipulation Tool 
  2. Canvas Shortcuts

Object Manipulation Tool

Controls the movement of Objects on the canvas. The Object has the ability to move along its X, Y and Z axis as well as the capability to move freely based on your cursor command in an undefined movement of your choice. 

To begin, hover over the Object you would like to move, the Object will be highlighted with a red outline in the hover state. Clicking the Object will highlight it yellow, indicating a selection. A third click will display the Object Manipulation Tool.

To learn more about navigating the Canvas, refer to the Canvas Overview.


The Object Manipulation Tool features include:

  1. Axis Arrows

  2. Angle Selection

  3. Plane Movement

  4. Undefined Movement

  5. Transform


Axis Arrows

There are three axis arrows, X, Y and Z each are defined by color.

X Axis (Red) - Moves the Object left and right across the Space. 

Y Axis (Green) - Moves the Object towards the front and back of Space.

Z Axis (Blue) - Moves the Object up and down creating height of the Object in the Space.


By clicking an axis arrow and dragging the Object, it can move back and forth on a particular axis, without affecting its other coordinates. These act logically with their visual directions on the canvas. For example, by clicking the green arrow and dragging along the Y axis, the Object can move along the axis, without affecting its X and Z coordinates.

Note: Hold shift on the keyboard and drag an axis arrow to increase or decrease the size of the Object. Increasing or decreasing the size affects how much space the Object takes up and how big or small the sound is. 

Angle Selection

Clicking and dragging the round connections between two axis arrows adjusts the rotation of the Object and its children in that direction.

The color of the angle selector is matched to the respective axis arrow it will rotate around.

Plane Movement

By selecting the Space in between a connection arch and the axis arrow you can move Objects along the desired plane. Planes act logically with the arrows and arches. 

For example, the area in between the red and blue arrows, under the green arch connection will allow you to move the Object along the X and Z (horizontal and vertical) plane.                                           

Undefined Movement

Objects have the ability to move along an undefined path you control, disregarding the Z coordinate. Click and drag the desired Object to move with your mouse along a horizontal plane.

Canvas Shortcuts

Canvas shortcuts are actions once an object has been added to the canvas. You can view the shortcuts by right clicking on the Object.



Add Object Adds a child Object under the selected Object.
Add Objects with Audio..

Adds a child Object and launches a finder folder to import a sound file.


Delete Object - Removes the selected Object.
Add Motion Point Adds two motion points for the selected Object. The origin point or the Object and a second point to distinguish the Object’s motion path.

Duplicates the Object.

Look At

Centers the Canvas view around the selected Object.



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