Input Event Properties

Input events control different aspects of an Object. They can be used to trigger movement, mute certain sounds and activate different components of a Scene. The Input Event properties panel is used to create these triggers for certain properties that impact the behavior of an Object.

Input events allow a scene to be more dynamic and react to its environment. A variety of data sources can influence your Spatial scene. From IR presence detectors and computer vision to information feeds like weather patterns.

To begin, click the Input Events tab. To add an event, click the plus ➕ sign. The Input Events inspector panel appears.




Change the name of the selected Input Event.

Input Source
Select an available external source. If none are available or desired, leave as “none”. If this is the case, the event must be triggered manually using the Spatial Control iOS application. In Spatial Studio the events can be triggered during playback using the dropdown option on the top timeline. Input sources are defined by the I/O map uploaded to the Scene in the connected Space

Right click this tab to access the list of available target Objects, organized by the hierarchy of Objects in the Scene. This determines what Object the Input Event will change.

When the list appears, there will be a navigation menu to access all the parent objects, or hover over them to open a list of their children. You can select the parent Object by clicking it directly while its list of child objects is visible.

Defines the aspect of an object that will be changed by the Input Event. There are five options. Right click the text field to show the available list of options.

  • Active - Changes the activation state of an object. This can be used to trigger a sequence of events caused by activating a parent Object. 
  • Mute - Silences the Object, while leaving it active.
  • Position - Sets an Object’s position in the Scene to a desired X,Y,Z coordinate. These should be entered as X Y Z. Ex: 10 24 10
  • Start Delay - Changes the start delay time.
  • Volume - Adjusts the volume of the Object.

Show in Spatial Control App
When this is selected the event will appear as a manual trigger in the Spatial Control iOS application.

Specifies the value that will be given to the selected property of the event, chosen above. For example, active and inactive status are controlled by a value of 1 or 0 respectively. To set mute to “on” (meaning the Object will be silenced) a value of 1 would be entered.




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