Restart and Update Spatial Reality Engine

With Spatial Control version 1.25.0 or newer you now have more insight and power to manage your Spaces via the System Settings Screen.

Access the System Settings by tapping the gear icon on the the Sites and Spaces screen.


System Settings


In this screen you can:

  • See when your Spaces were last heard by Spatial Control
  • Restart your Spaces
    • Tap the Restart Spaces button to restart
    • Spatial Reality engine must be connected to the Spatial Control app to restart
    • This will interrupt Scene playback in the Spaces
  • See what version(s) of Spatial Reality engine is driving your Spaces
  • Update the Spatial Reality engine to the latest available version
    • The Update Software button will only appear when a newer version of Spatial Reality engine is available
    • Software can only be updated when the computers driving your Spaces are online and can communicate with Spatial services


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