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Speaker placement and density depends on the available space and the desired experience. For fully immersive and lifelike sound, Spatial recommends speakers that are installed at floor level, chest level, and high ceiling speakers to create an all encompassing sound field in a Space. However, Spatial does not require any rigid speaker placements — Spatial Reality can adapt to any sized Space, with any number of speakers installed. Here are a few suggestions based on your Space. 


Small Spaces

  • A typical minimum Spatial setup: 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer.
  • Low speakers (6” to 18” from floor)
  • High speakers (7’ to 10’ from floor)
  • Avoid speakers at ear level 
  • Overhead/pendant speakers if possible
  • At least 1 subwoofer for low frequency content


Medium to Large Spaces

  • 16 to 32 speakers / 32+ for larger spaces
  • Low speakers (6” to 18” from floor)
  • High speakers (7’ to 10’ from floor)
  • Overhead/pendant speakers as high as possible
  • Multiple subwoofers (opposing corners of space) / every corner for larger spaces
  • Optional mid-level speakers (~4’ from floor)



  • Use the same principles as medium/large Spaces
    • Low speakers (6” to 18” from floor)
    • Speakers placed 12-15’ apart
    • Subwoofers every 30’ recommended
  • Place speakers opportunistically based on the layout (trees, balconies, etc.)
    • For overhead sounds, speakers can be installed high up on trees 
    • In-ground subwoofers can be utilized for a powerful, yet discrete punch 
    • Underwater pool speakers work too
    • Angle speakers towards areas of interest




To create a completely immersive listener experience, we recommend using invisible wall speakers, in-wall speakers, in-wall subwoofers, sub-floor speakers, and pendant speakers high in the ceiling are preferred.



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