Release Notes



Spatial Studio release notes


New Features

  • Improvements to cloud scene downloads and preferences. Downloaded scenes are now uncompressed.
  • Scene Packages have been replaced by Spatial Studio Project files. See the following article for details. Learn more Menu Bar Overview.
  • Improvements to audio control. Scene bass management is now a checkbox. Low Frequency handling for soundsets can now be bulk edited.  
  • “Look At” feature added to the Object contextual menu to allow easy identification in the canvas.


  • Improvements to looping and duration calculations.
  • Multiple instances of Studio can now run on the same computer group.


New features

  • Support for higher audio bit rates in Opus files. Select encoding rate from preference panel.
  • Added choice to create scene packages in compressed or uncompressed formats.


  • Increased web server performance and robustness.
  • Additional stability improvements and bug fixes.


New features

  • 🎉 first release.
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