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Sign into Spatial Central and start by creating your first Site and adding a Spatial License to your account. Learn more about how to create an account here.



Hardware Equipment

You will need a few things to set up an optimal Spatial experience.



  • A dedicated computer to run Spatial Reality. (Ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements).

    Note: Spatial Reality and Spatial Studio can’t run on the same computer. Please also ensure that both computers are on the same network.

  • Audio equipment to drive your immersive audio experience:
    • A multichannel audio interface (or networked audio amplifier) to connect to your computer running Spatial Reality
    • Speakers (active, or with separate amplification)

  • A different computer to run Spatial Studio — if you plan on creating content. 

  • iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to run Spatial Control — your main tool to control playback, manage your account and set up your Spaces.


Speaker Placement

Speaker placement and density depends on the available space and the desired experience. For fully immersive and real sound, Spatial recommends speakers that are installed at floor level and high ceiling speakers to create an all-encompassing sound field in a Space. However, Spatial does not require any rigid speaker placements — Spatial Reality can adapt to any sized space, with any number of speakers installed. Review the best practices guide in detail


Download Spatial Reality

Once you have created an account in Spatial Central, you can download Spatial Reality installer package on your playback computer (i.e. mac mini). You can access the download from the Downloads section —we’ll guide you through setting it up.



Next Step: 🔊  — Review best practices for speaker placement



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