Log Window

The Alerts Window is located in the menu Window > Log Window.


The Log Window shows current and past process logs for Spatial Studio. Each log displays its timestamp, source, region, level and specific logged message. Different log levels correspond with a color code logically indicating the type of message.

Red - a critical log message pertaining to a type of failure.

Green - an informational message about a past process.

Clicking on a log reveals all of its information at the bottom of the screen, including underlying code not visible in its message preview. It can be useful to copy this information when contacting support.

Note: Logs can be shared and deleted using the icons at the top of the window.

A preferences icon reveals a filter window where you can search for specific logs using a subcategory such as source, eventname, region, level, message, metadata or timestamp. Set a filter parameter and use the text field to narrow the results. Multiple filters are possible and you are able to save the filter for future use.


There is also a simple search by text bar at the top of the window.


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