Property Inspector Overview

The properties panel or property inspector, provides a set of behavior tools for the Scene, sound Objects and input events. Select any part of a Scene, Object or soundset to open the appropriate property inspector. 

The property inspector is the right panel in Spatial Studio. There are four distinct property inspector views:

  • Scene Properties
  • Object Properties
  • SoundSet Properties
  • Input Events.

Scene Properties
Click the name or title of the Scene at the top of the property inspector. The default name is Scene. You can also view and edit the properties of the Scene itself by clicking on the Scene Object on the canvas. The property inspector will display additional details about the Scene.

Scene Root Object Properties
These are the standard properties of any Object, however the Scene root Object acts as the highest level of the hierarchy so any changes to its properties will affect the entire Scene.

Object Properties
Once you add an Object to your Scene, select the Object from the Object list or canvas to display the
Object Properties panel. The items listed in the properties inspector are behaviors and effects for the highlighted object(s) if in a hierarchy. 

SoundSet Properties
Once you add a soundset to your Scene, select the soundset from the Object list to display the
SoundSet Properties panel. The items listed are behaviors and effects for the highlighted soundset(s). 

Input Event Properties
Click on the Input Event tab. Add an input event to the Scene in order to display the properties view.

NOTE: Dots cannot be used when naming Objects and Soundsets (including the Scene Root Object). Dots will automatically be converted to underscores. For example: Object.1→ Object_1.


Property Inspector View Settings


In the menu bar, click View to display all the options for the Property Inspector.


Show Inspector Panel [ ⌘ I ] The inspector panel can be detached from the Spatial Studio window creating two Spatial Studio windows. Selecting show inspector panel in view will bring the inspector window to the front of the screen.
Detach Inspector Panel [⇧ ⌘ | ] The property inspector panel can detach from the Spatial Studio window and open its own window. When detached it acts as the property inspector for all open Scenes.  When the Spatial Studio panel is detached the view menu changes to Reattach Inspector Panel [⇧ ⌘ | ].Note: This function enables editing multiple Object in a smaller window and uses a single consolidated property inspector for all, which can save screen space and processing power. 
Cycle Inspector Panel [ ⌥ ⌘ | ] Cycling the inspector moves the property inspector clockwise to different positions attached to the Spatial Studio window. Each time the cycle inspector is clicked, the property inspector moves. There are three positions the property inspector can attach to the Spatial Studio window. It exists all the way to the right by default, but can be on the left of the Object list or in between the Object list and the canvas.




Tips for Using the Inspector

The inspector contains many editable text fields. Click and drag on those fields to increase or decrease the numerical value, or type in specific values by clicking on the field to reveal editable text.

Option-Click [ ⌥+Click ] a numerical value to reset it.

Holding Command [ ⌘ ] while dragging up or down on a numerical value will change from course changes to fine changes (at the decimal level).

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